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>> what do you say partner?
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. subjec here's a look of satellite
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>> this will continue to increase until later this morning. remember we have rain on tap for saturday and sunday as well. here is a look at your afternoon highs everyone in the 6063 for napa. 63 and vallejo. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast every day after we start next week as well. we
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will have a bridge on monday. a 30 percent chance for showers on tuesday. again into wednesday 30 percent chance as well. as we head into thursday temperatures will be in the '60s the showers we anticipate next week will not be as bad as what we are experiencing now. you will need to keep your umbrella handy until the middle of next week. we will have more details on your extended forecast coming up in a bit. we have several accident out there. we do have a couple one was cleared at south bound 101 it was overturned in the line since the 3:00 hour. the chp has no estimated time when the lance will reopen. dublin and pleasanton the 58680 interchange westbound direction is currently blocked because there is an off ramp lange the was
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created around that section. some cars are squeezing by. this is an overturned tractor trailer. you would imagine how long that would take to clear. yellow on your screen 10 minutes ago i saw red on your screen north bounds 680 approaching that scene. later on today we will see backups westbound 580 is already a tough commute. would not be surprised to see back up or delays in to tracy. we have a wind advisory at the car came this bridge drive with extra caution. no accidents at the bay bridge toll plaza not too many cars on the span pr. >> south bound 101 the golden gate bridge looks good. on the road with sensors i did see some red approaching the richmond san
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rafael bridge. i did not see any accidents, but again allow yourself extra . >> that weather causing power outages this morning erica. here are the numbers you receive from pg&e. thousands across the county would love this morning in the dark. in saratoga 2000 people are without power. 1500 and san mateo. 850 in south san francisco. 830 in san raphael. 630 in pacifca. 370 in san jose. 300 in san francisco downtown. 180 in palo alto. and in woodside and in some moment. >> there is no time when the power will be restored as we know. we are keeping an eye on caltran which is in turn keeping an eye on bay area roadway is half as they are covering the storm as well. the roadways will be monitored around the clock by caltran. you can see they
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are watching more than 300 cameras that are situated along highways, streets, bridges, all throughout the bay area. they give california highway patrol a real-time view of traffic. they can use the information to deploy whatever resources are needed. >> if we have it down to be rebuilt as an entry group. if we have it down our line real to notify pg&e. if we have accident chp will be notified. if we have stalled vehicles we send our tow trucks. >> he went on to say that a number of pumps and trains were cleared of debris during the day yesterday. but the amount of rain we have seen tonight into this morning caltran is expected to sea flooded street we will let you know where the problems are as the reports come into our newsroom and continue to let
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us know if you see problems in your-consent an e-mail to breaking news at kron 4 .com. you can keep tabs on twitter. just let us know. keep us in the loop as to what you are seeing outside your door. send us your pictures appeared you can send that to breaking news at kron 4 .com. >> we will continue with the weather coverage we have other head lice to update you on this morning we have a missing at risk team from oakland that was found last night in san francisco. 16 years ago shy and white had walked away from a group, mistake. she was followed within the staff member lost sight of her. that is when she was reported missing. she was considered at risk because she has diminished mental capacity. she was located in san francisco last night and is now being interviewed by police. >> it is 4:08 a.m. we are
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following the latest with your weather here is a live storm tracker 4 we have a lot of rain falling. we have light rain in spots heavy rain in others and fairly gusty winds as well. your forecast is our top story this morning we will be back with more in a minute. >>
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we are back is 2:00 pm we are watching the markets some modest gains on wall street yesterday investors wanting talks in washington over the narrowing budget deficit and the fiscal cliff but will keep updating you as congress members of both sides of the aisle hopefully work to the agreement before the end of the year. stocks rallied on a pair of good report on jobs and on the housing market. you can see the dow in the day up 36. almost 37 points to close over 13,000. the nasdaq was also up 20 points. and s&p gained six. . we will see what trading quotes are in store when the
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opening bell rings at 638 in. >> living social is laying off 400 employes in what has become the latest sign trouble in the online coupon sector. this comes a month after amazon .com reported a loss that-and worse off an expected. due in part to its investment in live in social. a company spokesman says, the job cuts will allow the company to invest in other areas, such as mobile efforts. the spokesman, and also with all suggestions from critics. that daily online deals are doomed. >> power what is coming to california. on the heels of the winston eyes record 5 $8 million jackpot drawing. the state commission's voted yesterday to bring the pop began to california. california is currently one of eight state which does not offer it. the state lot of commission believes that joining auerbach appalled
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additional 90 to $120 million into the state, make, even with the expected drop off in ticket sales for the state of the lotto games. tickets will go on sale starting in april. >> twinkie makers hostesses asking for corporal to give its top executives. up to one for a million dollars in bonuses. this company has a company once down its operations after filing for bankruptcy in its bakers union went on strike. union members of already taken pay cuts to help the company. now most a says the incentive pay is needed to retain high level company officials for the process. in other hostas news the company also in talks with 100 in potential for its product lines that include twinkies, ho hos and ding dongs. >> will be right back with more on your weather we
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will give you an update on the bay area counties and beyond. >>
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and we are back. the time is 4:09. here's a quick look at our goal the camera looking at the rain. here is some news that just come in and the last five minutes. we have 3700 pg&e customers in mill valley without power. a tree fell on power lines. the crews are working to clear that. they were the first to see the rain yesterday. >> that is right in they are under a flash flood watch. we did see rain for rent of about two-thirds of it in the north bay. that has increased. the yellow on your screen around san rafeal we are seeing moderate to heavy rain. we are seeing some of the east bay as well. a round the bay area pacifica not too bad light rain around highway one. remember we generally see a mud slide in that area. paul as we take it to
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the north bay it is raining hard over the richmond san raphael bridge portions of highway 101. in the bottle over highway 37 the connector in the canyon over to vallejo. as a resume in upper happy valley road not too bad but if you are at lafayette is heavy around pleasant valley. drive with extra caution for highway 24. we had an earlier accident in the eastbound direction. south bay widespread rain everyone under the green. in addition to the rain reversing strong winds. sustained winds up to 20 mi. per hour for fairfield, concord. a stronger along the coast at half moon bay coming in at 25 mi. per hour. and futurecast 4 into the 7:00 hour these are your
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rainfall totals. 2 in. for san raphael. two and one- half inches for napa. not to that of the south bay by 7:00 a.m. 3 tenths of an inch. into saturday, 3.6 in. of rain for napa. almost 2 in. for oakland. san jose reaches the benchmark. an inch and one half for concord. a lot of what weather to follow. heavy rain slated for later today. into the afternoon. we have a lingering showers but not as intense. the wins will come down as we head into the evening hours the rain will linger and we will see mostly cloudy skies. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain each and every day. the storm door is open as well as a couple of windows. be aware of that keep an umbrella handy we have a slight potential for more rain as we start the
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next work week. i will have more on your extended forecast coming up shortly. >> and the traffic center we have our fair share of headaches several hot spots. dublin pleasanton. westbound 580. 580 at 680 the interchange currently blocked due to an overturned tractor trailer. the off ramp lange is currently open. cars are squeezing by that way. the red of developing on your screen this is the 4:00 a.m. hour we never see red. we are seeing it today coming out of pleasanton. speeds below 20 mi. per hour. big and delays. the chp has no estimated time when the lanes will reopen. backups on westbound 580--not l backups yet. southdown 101 at lincoln in the north bay we have a couple of lanes
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blocked. at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is raining cars are driving slow no metering lights. here at the san mateo bridge watch your speeds. cameras are checking around. we have strong winds. south bound 101 the golden gate bridge looks good. no accidents. we do have an accident at lincoln in the southbound direction. we have reports of flooding for north bay spots. highway one between panorama highway answer francis drake boulevard a down a tree blocking lanes. >> thank you erica on to some of the news. of same- sex marriage here in california could be decided as early as today. the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to meet and decide whether it will review proposition 8, of voters approved a ban on same-sex marriage. lower courts have ruled that ban unconstitutional. kron fours dan kerman to to look at the options before the high court in how they affect
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californians. >> you can expect a lot more ceremony like this. >> if this is not reviewed that will be in for the california issue. same-sex marriage will be lawful. marriage will be able to begin once the ninth circuit court of appeals issued a mandate. leading the ruling made by the district court affirmed by the ninth circuit will become final. the ninth circuit will issue the man they quickly possibly within a week. in hastings law inrory little hopes the supreme court will want to review the case. >> the national question should the constitution permits the banning of same- sex marriage. there is a lot of this uniformity. there are a lot of diversions around the country. i actually think the right result institutionally is to grant review and use it as a
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vehicle to settle althe law more nationally. >> in addition to deciding whether or not to review proposition 8, the u.s. supreme court will also decide whether or not to review the federal defense of marriage act. it is possible they could decide to review 1 a to one or the other, both, or neither. >> lawyers from there is to say they can counsel day class to become straight are asking a federal judge to block a new california law that bans them from counseling minors. >> the law was signed by governor jerry brown in october and is said to take effect january 1st. trivializes their bids from engaging of psychological techniques that and to change the sexual orientation of children. >> this incident happened in
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the end robert campus. this is incorrect video will get the right one up in a second. police are not certain that the person they're looking for was hit by bullets. they are checking area hospitals just in case we will let you know when we find out. we will take a quick break 4:22. off the rain is falling outside it looks like the showers will stay with us throughout the weekend before lighting up a little bit on monday. maybe more showers tuesday and wednesday. and on and off again pattern. we will be right back to let you know about the forecast. >>
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we are back at 4:2. 5 >> there's a lot of finger- pointing in washington because has not much time to
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come up with a compromise to avoid a fiscal cliff. that a looming deadline is not bringing party leaders in a closer together. >> our reporter has the latest. >> the democrats have yet to get serious about a spending cut specifics will revealed thursday the plan calls for 1.6 trillion dollars in tax increases and reforms. it leaves changes to medicare and other government assistance programs to be figured out next year. the gop says it needs those answers now. i have made clear that we have put real concessions on line by putting revenue on the table right up front. unfortunately many democrats continued to rule out sensible spending cuts that must be part of any significant agreement that will reduce our deficit. >> he said he would be released to negotiate tax
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reform next year. the democrats and some republicans are pushing for the senate to immediately pass the senate bill that would keep taxes from rising on middle-class americans. >> i am happy to report to you when you already know. more and more republicans are catching on to that fact. >> today president obama takes his message to a toy manufacturer in pennsylvania. it is an american business off the white house said could be affected because income tax go up forever one next year. >> mitt romney met with president obama from lunch at the white house yesterday we were anticipating it yesterday morning. >> the pair eight at a private dining room it was actually the first time both have met each other since the election wrap up an early november. the present first mentioned meeting with the former governor in his victory speech in chicago o'hare this month. the president said he looked
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forward to talking with romney about ways to move the country forward. prison obama also praised out romney manage the olympics in salt lake city in 2002. >> will take a quick break back mwith more in a minute. we are watching the wet weather that is our top story of the right light to moderate and at times heavy with the wind out of the bay area's. we will come back with your forecast just a moment.
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we are back here at 4:30 in the western center talking to erica about what we see on storm tracker 4. weather center. >> the rate is starting to pick up in intensity for the north and east bay. --rain and is starting to pick up. it is growing more
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widespread. we have a lot sitting offshore. let us zoom in and around the bay area. the yellow on your screen around a bottle we are seeing reports of heavy rain. s-novato. that stretching to san raphael at vallejo. the 580/101 split is coming down and the north bay in that area. to the east bay heavy rain highway 4 martinez. we are seeing slow traffic interstate 680, highway 24 approach and the caldecott tunnel ride around san ramon valley. that starts to pick up shortly. we are seeing a light rain in the south bay but it is relatively widespread. 7:00 a.m. this morning take a look at this orange/read
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that starts to build up on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain is widespread in the north and east bay. impacting the peninsula and parts of the south bay as well. is out. spotty showers of the back in mostly cloudy conditions. the winds will start to die down. flash flood not concern later today. by 7:00 p.m. light showers in the north bay north of the golden gate bridge. the continue to see spotty showers of the tail end of this walking up saturday morning. keep your umbrella handy. satellite and radar shows the bigger picture a lot of moisture sitting offshore. we have several advisers around the bay area. flash flood watch in effect for the north bay interior valleys. wind advisories for parts of sacramento, the delta, and even the east bay hills and the diablo range. beware of that and drive with extra caution. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast is
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showing rain each and every day. prepare yourself flooding, mudslides are still a concern as we head into sunday. we have the potential for rain tuesday may be next wednesday as well. that rain will not be nearly as intense as what we're dealing with today. more on that in a bit. >> we have some serious accident out there some have already cleared. this one looks to be sticking westbound 580 at 680 all lanes are shut down except for the off ramp lane. some cars are squeezing through. this is an overturned tractor trailer. my bet it will be out there for quite some time. slow traffic approaching northbound 680 out of pleasanton. speeds averaging about 30 mi. per hour. no unusual backups westbound 580 just yet if this stays out there if could certainly be a problem for the commute coming out of tracy. we have
4:34 am
a live reporter had it to the scene and we will have more information. wind advisories for several bay area bridges. south bound 101 an accident at lincoln. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the spray. no metering lights to deal with. at the san mateo bridge westbound traffic under the rain again the drive is 13 minutes. south bound 101 the golden gate bridge looks good we do have downed trees, downed power lines, and heavy rain falling in the north bay. drive with extra caution and allow yourself extra time. james. >> will also watching power outages as they continue to rack up across the bay area at last check there are about 3700 people in mill valley after a tree fell down on the power lines. >> about 2000 people in the area of saratoga without power. 1500 and san mateo.
4:35 am
850 in south to a francisco. 830 in san raphael. another slide to show you even more areas without power. 370 customers in san jose. 300 and san francisco city limits. 150 in palo alto. woodside and sonoma. we are keeping an eye on the north bay. caltran meanwhile is watching the bay area intently as they are also bracing themselves for this storm. the roadways are being monitored 24-7 from caltran center in oakland. you can see the giant video board with about 300 cameras the seeds that are coming in from the camera's there watching highways, streets, bridges and across the nine bay area counties. the state police are using that as a tool to keep the track on traffic. he says the crews are standing by watching the monitors and
4:36 am
deploying what ever reach the source did see popping up. >> if we have a down trees in a tree grew. if we had a down power line we know to send a best-we notify pg&e. if we have a stalled vehicle we send our tow trucks. and it is like that. >> he says the situation dictates where crews are sent. they are watching carefully the drains. they have a bunch of them there were cleared out yesterday that have washed out the promise and bracing themselves with a water that will run into the streets. there is a good chance of a lot of the change will be clogged because we have reports of a lot of debris. we will let you know if we get any or from that as to where the problem spots or. in san francisco meanwhile, as we are transitioning to a man was attacked by a resident with bears pray after allegedly tried to still a package from her home has pled not guilty in
4:37 am
court. amd abduha is charged with first-degree residential burglary. police were flagged down by residents at the 3600 block of 22nd street. she said he went through the front gate of her home as though the package from the porch. he ran but was caught by a block away. the resident wrote about the incident on twitter sank its teeth as distilling packages to the neighborhood and that should put a big package out and get him. >> city hall reported yesterday's said the plan will pay for an additional police academy in 2013 they will hire 2113 civilian employes. in the meantime oakland police chief howard jordan talking about what is being done now to stop the mounting violence in the city. >> we have reassigned
4:38 am
officers to dto improve our staffing in the field. we have offices with specific intent to go after non- violent offenders and a restive and remove them from the streets. that coupled with the task force is we are involved in the violent suppression efforts we are doing started last week. 24 hours or on overtime. each week in the night to be able to address that. >> the oakland city council has the final word on whether to fund the new program. the council will take its first look at the program in january. after the new city councilman was are sworn in. >> 44:37 is your time. a lot of rain fell overnight and continued to fall this morning. we're tracking the latest from the weather
4:39 am
center and your wet morning commute. we have from the weather coming up in just a
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( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly >> this is a meal on will span on blend history intemperances cup. this is a fed ex a big rig also double parked on valencia's street. in fact if you drive down valencia's street is not hard to find double parkers. they're not your average double parkers these drivers are bablocking the bike lanes. >> they do not care about us. they did not care they always do that. >> it was hard for me that debt was not hard for me finding some blocking the bike plant in with the threat of a fine. it is not just the parkers look at this driver is blinker is on
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wall cruising by calling. to be fair the truck drivers are using the center median to park wherrather than using the bike lane. i spoke to a fed ex driver the one making an illegal u-turn on valencia. >> i wonder if he gets to do that with a moving violation as well might i digress. >> there's always been a love-hate relationship with bikers and drivers. they have td share the road. >> i understand sometimes for loading purposes cars and trucks need to double park but i do sometimes feel unsafe and i have to go in and out of the bike lane. sometimes cars will yield to you but sometimes they do not. >> for the record by clients are not convenient parking spots. they are for bicyclist not trucks, not cars. >> and not buses. in san
4:43 am
francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> will take a break it is 4:42. we will take another look the radar showing of widespread rain a bit of it coming down hard especially in the north bay where we have down trees, power lines, and power outages across the bay area. will have more coming up in a minute.
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we are back is 4:44. tracking the weather in the south bay this is a look at the silver lining or should i should say a silver lining in the storm they needed the water in the south bay. reservoirs have been low they need to add to their supply. it is of about 13 percent full. you can see it is shallow. some south bay
4:46 am
reservoir to benefit from the water sierra snowpack water is entirely dependent on runoff from rain these storms are tivoli important to get the reservoir up to level at the santa clara water district says the storm will help in some of the water supplies take a listen. >> we are behind as far as hour rainfall for the year. and we are behind in our reservoir storage floor and our 20th average. there's certainly plenty of time left in the winter we are beginning to get in the rainy season just now. we hope we can get it lane so we can refill our reservoir. we want to see the snowfall as well coming so we can have a good snowpack and refilled our statewide reservoirs to. >> and supplies about half of the south bay's waters in need. we are to weather center taking a look on
4:47 am
radar we're actually getting quite a bit afraid of the south bound. >> yes they are most of it was in the north bay. petaluma and santa rosa are drying out. the heavy rain has pushed its way east. we are seeing it for concord, walnut creek. particularly heavy over highway 24. around the bay area and will show you what it is like in your neighborhood. storm tracker for turning attention to the north bay. san rafeal on the yellow heading rain expected now. 101 approaching that 580 split. there also seem pretty heavy rain for sir francis drake boulevard. could run into the potential for flooding on surface streets. heavy rain and the sausalito area. parts of san francisco ticket bad driving conditions along drake boulevard. we have a lot of debris spread across the street. martin luther king
4:48 am
jr. drive is pretty bad. allow yourself extra time rain was coming down last night in fact, rainfall rates or up to about one- third of an inch for parts of the north bay per hour. we are seeing heavy rain slow traffic highway 4 martinez. 242 recovered. walnut creek is coming down heavy as we take the street you. upper havehappy valley road dealing with heavy rain. the rain continues heavily as you approached the caldecott tunnel. we are seeing a bit of a break for the san jose area. it would not last long. heavy rain for the southern peninsula parts of interstate 280, redwood city, east palo alto as well. off carry an umbrella maybe take public transit will be a messy commute on the freeway.
4:49 am
futurecast 4 shows we're not done with the brunt of it. 7:00 a.m. today moderate to heavy rain for most of the bay area. the showers at least heavy ones will spread their way south we could see a dry break for parts of the bay area. the lane will line up in intensity. it will be spotty in nature later tonight. we will have a lingering showers saturday morning. your satellite and radar view we are seeing more wet weather sitting offshore. there is more to come. we are also seeing snow in the sierra. we have a winter weather advisory there. a couple of led by trees in the bay area. a flash flood watch for the north bay interior valleys. wind advisories with cortines straight the delta and also the east bay hills. if you in a hypo file vehicl--heavy rain expected for
4:50 am
sunday morning. you could get a dry break on monday. showers will return to the bay area to stay on wednesday. more coming up in a bit. >> this is over and pleasanton dublin area westbound 580 at 680 interchange is currently blocked. there is a special off and land a lot of the cars are squeezing by through there. we are seeing delays north bounds 680 out of pleasanton. speeds average about 35 m.p.h.. we're announcing the first signs of a back up westbound 580 heading into downtown livermore. we have a live shot from the scene you can see a lot of the flashing lights. this is a very active scene. the chp has no estimated time when the lanes will reopen. we will have more information including a live report coming up shortly. state- owned to the kron for
4:51 am
morning news. new accidents to report in woodside. for 84 between grandview and 35 all of the lanes are blocked in both directions due to a downed power line. if we had a lot of surface streets experience flooding. the accidents at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge under the rain drive with extra caution coming down the nimitz freeway where we are seeing delays. south bound 101 the golden gate bridge and not bad. again we have a flash flood watch in effect for most of the north bay. for puddling will be a concern, in fact we have seen some roadway flooding around the silverado trail. >> thank you erica let us get back to the state of alert. this is kron fours mike shelton the 580/680 interchange--mike pelton.
4:52 am
>> the shot will be blurry is pouring down. the shot is blurry you can see one of the flashing lights out overco. chp tells me a semi truk driver hit a pole and veered off and hit one of the guard rails between the highway and the bart station. traffic is sneaking by along the right side of your screen if you concede that for the rain.can see through th. cars are backed up at least a mile and surely a lot for the back. chp says they hope to have this clear in the next hour. they are trying to get the semi truck off the road and try to repair the sense that separates the bart line from the freeway.
4:53 am
as soon as they do that they will open the road up and there will be a welcome in traffic today. >> back to you. >> thank you mike. he is on scene that will give us the latest as they clear the accident. we are also watching power outages. some of the latest numbers on the peninsula we have 4900 customers. without power. in the south bay 4000 customers. 8000 more than 8000 in the north bay. that is one of the hardest-hit areas where we have a lot of the valley's with the trees and limbs coming down in the rain when that is taking down power lines. pg&e working around the bay area to restore electricity. at this point they have no estimated time for restoration. we will update you as we get information on that front. stay with kron 4 as we continue to track the storm and into the weekend. if you have pictures erica
4:54 am
mentmitchen flooding. if you have any pictures you could e-mail them to us we will work that into our coverage imelda to breaking news at >> we will take a quick break we will be back with more in ament we will leave you a look at the radar is easy to see by the storm is our top story. do not forget a new episode of dr. phil coming up after the kron for morning moose. today's episode is beaten, starved, and locked in a loan.. room.
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we are back at 4:56. a live look at the james lick freeway wet weather of around the bay area. one of the universal elements of bill rain is the land is it is blowing strong brown the area especially in the valley. we have the wind blowing sideways in spots and standing water in the roads. but will have your forecast with erica in a minute. here's a quick look at storm tracker 4 you can see the front pushing through. the yellow on your screen indicating much heavier rain falling ever ford, concord and a lot of the delta. for longer 680 ride as you head towards dublin and pleasanton. and 24 out in oakland as well. they have a strong badgering pushing through. more on the forecast in a minute and still ahead a big day for proposition a. kessle8. the supe
4:58 am
court is to make a decision. we will follow the story. will iran into the weekend is what is dominating our stories this morning. and george will tell you about some hot spots as you make ready to head out of the dollar this morning.
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5:00 am
(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. start now. bp good morning our top story on friday november 3rd it is the whether you are looking live at storm tracker 4 the second round of powerful storms slamming into the bay area. the rain is causing major problems for the commute. we had flooded roadways. george will talk aboud bailor to. george will talk about what is happening with the traffic. >> watching a heavy stone
5:01 am
and it is wet through petaluma. >> it is action starting to dry out we had a lot of rain on the ground and it has to go somewhere. be aware of that as you are heading outside the door to heavy is lane currently falling in the east bay. around fairfield over in concord. you could see flooding on the freeways. i did say somsee some hydroplaning. in it was not as bad as it was now. >> when do you think this will wrap up this morning? >> fortunately it would not last too much longer more. in fact looking at futurecast may be 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. this morning it seems to be pushing its way through you can see it clearly the fine line when it is drying up. let us a zoom in and around the bay area to see where it is raining heavy. around san
5:02 am
rafeal we are seeing yellow on your screen indicating moderate to heavy rain. it has lined up over highway 37 the richmond san rafeal bridge. heavy rain on surface streets. sir francis drake boulevard and magnolia avenue. leave yourself extra time. as we take a look the heaviest rain has pushed out of san francisco. we are contending with green for downtown turk for those of you coming along gary boulevard. what i noticed about driving around san francisco there are down branches a lot of debris in the roadway. be aware of that and the same advice in the east bay. highway 4 contending with heavy rain out of antioch over the willow pass. you will see heavy rain for concord walnut creek, interstate 680, highway 24 approach and the caldecott tunnel. you can see the yellow along happy valley road from lafayette to orinda. the
5:03 am
heavier rain is arriving to the south bay. as we take a look at your headlines we have a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay now. showers will not be as intense as we head into tomorrow. on and off a lingering showers. everyone under the green will indicate light rain. could see dry breaks into the afternoon. storm number three approaches saturday night into sunday. with more chance of flooding and mudslides. we will have more on what next week hose. right man at 5:02 is time for traffic with george. >> a major snag in the commute. at 5 86/680 shutdown in the west bound direction with an overturned tractor trailer rig. here is a live look from the scene and kron fours michael pelton is there. what can you tell us about the efforts to clear the
5:04 am
interchange? >> it may be hard to see in this shot george the rain is counting on us. you can see the fence that is not been and damaged this is what is preventing officers from opening the freeway. someone hit a pole and smashed in to the guard rail--hit a puddle. he went down the freeway after sliding on the puddle the axle on the truck came off and then it overturned. they are in the process of clearing it. you can see the flashing lights that are trying to move the truck. you see on the right side of your screen they are trying to move it off the freeway so they can open this up. i went down the highway about 1 mi. east bound there is
5:05 am
about a mile of back up that was a short time ago. it seems to be moving smoother. there is a side street and off wrap of sorts on the right-hand side. the traffic is passing through. traffic is making its way through their in a one line fashion. it is still slow a lot of cars heading westbound. chp says they hope to have this wrapped up within the next hour. of course we will keep you posted on that george. this is certainly a missing right for a lot of drivers. >> cast a question. the k will center divider got struck and is now pushed out into the traffic lanes is that the problem? >> it is pushed into towards the board rail. it may be hard for you to see. bart rail. the driver tells chp he slipped on a poll and the tructotpuddle and the truck
5:06 am
hit the rail. they're attempting to repair this as a as possible. >> the latest power hour eaout numbers. just coming in 10,000 people without power in the north bay. 4000 on the peninsula. in the south bay 4000 people. in to no 1000 people without power. san francisco lower numbers 350 people without power. 300 and the central coast. to much of in the east bay. only 70 in san jose. >> thank you for the update we will continue to weather coverage in a bid we want to update you on the latest with proposition 8 it has been more than two years after a federal judge in san francisco ruled proposition and it was unconstitutional.
5:07 am
if the court elects not to hear the case gay and lesbian californians who have to wait for years to weather may be able to do so as early as next week. if the justices take up the case of the ruling would not come to next year as same- sex marriage will remain on hold until there are longer. the court is expected to announce his decision monday. though it could come as early as today we are watching that. we will let you know if anything comes in. president obama is taking his case for avoiding a fiscal cliff to the philadelphia suburbs. the trip comes amid signs of impatience in the negotiations between republican leaders and the white house. the white house officials believe today's triple bill brought into for the president's case, even as republicans describe it and their tent and an obstacle to a fruitful talks. >> we are following that. we have to take a quick break we will be back with more coverage in a minute. here's
5:08 am
a look at the james lick freeway. we have roadways that are wet all around the bay area this morning we just told him about a hot spot in the east bay. we have winds howling in the bay this morning. we have more on all of this coming up in just a minute. >> [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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welcome back to the kron for morning new is more on our storm coverage but a quick check what is happening on wall street. the dow up 37 yesterday. futures up almost 30 ahead of the opening bell. will get a snapshot of americans' pocketbooks. for the commerce department will release personal income and spending figures for the month of october. the european union saying unemployment there the 17 year-old son countries set another record 11.7 percent unemployment in october. -- 17 at euro zones. we got our
5:12 am
own and was back at 7.9%. euro employment 11.7. >> the model has a 21 and a half inch screen will cost about $1,300 and go up depending on configuration. the model with a 27 in. green will start at about $1,800. the new models have no disk drive, helping make the edges one-fifth the sickness of the old model. apple revealed the new models a month ago. >> here is storm tracker 4 we are watching the weather our top story here is the rain is coming down heavy in parts as you can see. we will get the latest with your forecast from erica in just a moment.
5:13 am
5:14 am
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5:16 am
weather is our big story. we have a couple of blocks on the left side the golden gate bridge showing you the wet roads that is what we're seeing around the bay area. on the right-hand side you see why storm tracker 4 is showing us wide spread meringu heavy ins rain. heavy i >> heavy rain in the east and south bay. the showers are starting to taper off in the north bay starting to dry up in santa rosa. there are flood concerns in petaluma a flash flood watch is in effect there it san rafeal a heavy sales situated along the 1 1/80 split. generally see flooding on high 101 in san rafeal area. heavy rain on surface streets as browser francis drake boulevard and mcnally avmagnolia avenue. chect
5:17 am
the heavy rain in the east bay it is pouring highway 4, antioch in to the will pass. 242 into walnut creek. drive with extra caution we have concerns of pounding approaching the caldecott tunnel. --ponding. upper happy valley under green and yellow depending what stretch you are on. we have heavy rain in the oakland piedmont area. down to the south bay the yellow blankets the screen is affecting the mid peninsula from the san mateo bridge down south approaching cupertino, sunnyvale. light rain in san jose area. this is a slow-moving system however, we will see a dry
5:18 am
air conditions and often on showers later this afternoon. futurecast apps 3:00 p.m. heavy rain for the oakland area. it is not the heavy rain we are dealing with now. advancing the clock you can see later into the evening 3:00 p.m. saturday lingering showers here is a look at your rainfall totals. this is the past 12 hours one interesting francisco 3 tenths of a natural livermore. concord has received 1 in. of rain. over two and one-half inches for santa rosa. we have several watches and warnings in effect. we do have wind advisories, last flood watch for the north bay interior valley. but a wind advisory for the sacramento valley to cortines straight and the delta. and when the advisory in effect for the east bay hills will be aware of that. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows more rain on the way. have there rain
5:19 am
expected sunday morning and drier conditions by monday. mark. >> we are watching the river in a string lead levels around the bay area. the flash flood warning in petaluma is the pin rows stream. watching some the best-penrose streams. the water have gone for to feed in the creek up to 6 ft.. which it should be 13 ft. so we are away from the level. we are watching the river's rise rapidly here around the bay area. except for penna grows stream and petaluma-- penrose stream. >> and missing at risk team
5:20 am
from oakland was found last night in san francisco. a 16 year old shyanne like has walked away from a groove on college avenue in oakland on wednesday. she was followed by the home's staff to an area near the front fail bart station. staff members lost sight of the girl there and she was reported missing. she considered at risk because of her diminished capacity. she was located in deficits go last night in being interviewed by police. a 13 year-old girl is recovering this morning after she was allegedly gang raped by a 23 year-old man to teen boys. mountain view police said the 13 year-old girl knew her attackers. they said the victim in the specs 23 roll mario pinto of sunnyvale and to 17 year old boys had been drinking either here at castro pork or at castro school. at some point for 10:00 thursday night the suspect allegedly raped the
5:21 am
girl. of the suspects are facing sexual assault charges. >> the care giver will serve a poisonous mushrooms to patients at a care home in lomas will be banned from working a similar facilities in the future. for the five residents like mushrooms earlier this month at golden age of the luck have died. >> campbell and sunnyvale police as well as k-9 unit have been called in to help in this investigation. a home in bays and a possible homicide. we will have more information and bring it to you. >> taser is on us again being used in the city of palo alto ending a nearly two years. where they were not used at all. but a male passenger would appear to be under the influence worked taser. the man continue to reach for an object which turned out to be a glass
5:22 am
crack pipe. one officer was cut by the crack pipe. another incident remains under investigation. >> planners and critics of california's high speed rail project met in san jose to discuss both sides of the $69 billion project. the real will connect a southern california in a whole new way. opponents say the project is founded on flawed logic and will not realize the benefits that been dreamed about. >> and other bay area news a new crimes pigeon holsuspension proposal is in the works. it would hire 21 civilian o pd employees and bring in help from the alameda county shares to plummet. oakland police chief howard jordan says they have also reassigned officers from different parts of the department to improve their staff in the field. as was
5:23 am
adding more officers to their gang investigations unit. the oakland city council has the final word on whether or not to fund the new crime-fighting plan. the council will take its first look at the plan in january. off that is after the new city council members are sworn in. >> we have live pictures this morning out of the bay bridge approach this is westbound 880. the center lane headed toward the toll plaza often bucking like water be careful driving. send us your pictures if you see flooding more debris or down trees take a quick photo e-mail it to us that breaking >> we will be right back.
5:24 am
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welcome back to the kron for morning new as we have live pictures. a protest taking place this is a square where the protest started that overthrew president what is happening the protesters of
5:27 am
a last for weeks have been slow to adopt a constitution in the country president morsi he will have absolute power until that has passed. this morning they have rushed through a new constitution for the nation of egypt, however, they have left out liberal and christian members it was the islamic hardliners that passed the constitution. it will be islamic leaders and passing their version of the constitution. we are seeing growing protest again. tens of thousands of people gathering in a square. we saw clashes between protesters and police. we will update you as witness. >> thank you for that of denmark. the you in has granted palestine the status of nonmember observer state. palestinians were celebrating today. 138 nations approve the move which basically enologist
5:28 am
palestinian statehood. israel and the nine states have been fighting the decision and are now down playing the move. it won't immediately change the lives of palestinians, since the area in question is firmly under israeli control. still palestinians welcome the global recognition. >> we are watching the weather here is a live look at your bay bridge approach traffic is a light side but it is moving slowly. we are getting more from the newsroom that the lights on the suspension section of the bay bridge from the island into the city are possibly out now. we have george tracking that we will get an update from him in just a ♪
5:29 am
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5:30 am
we are back the time is 5 :30. it is raining intensely in sunspots let us bring it here to the weather center. what are using erica as you
5:31 am
look at this. >> the main fraud is passing through the bay area. -- mai froain front. not bad in san raphael. we have a cell that carried pretty heavy rain over the richmond san rafeal bridge. that has continue to push its way east. flight rain in san francisco. the east shore freeway heavy rain in a mall. around richmond did not this surprise if you see heavy rain. a lot of the heavy rain is in the east bay where the yellow on your screen indicates highway 4 into san ramon valley. union city the 880 court or in to new work pretty intense stuff falling. we have a lot of wind coming in
5:32 am
from the south. heavy rain for the south bay. the a lot of the yellow is dominating the screen it overtakes the green. it is raining rather intensely for highway 237, the lp is. i want all of that entire stretch from san jose into mountain view as- milpitas. we are seeing flooding, down trees, and power lines. the wins are not as bad as what they were in the 4:00 a.m. hour the winds sustain at 20 mi. per hour. 21 for fairfield and have moon bay. it is raining. we will continue to see light towers into the afternoon. off out full details on what to expect the only today but into the weekend in my next report. >> thank you erica the biggest problem is at the dublin interchange interstate 580 westbound. all westbound lanes are blocked by clean-up operations in the wake of a big rig accident. it is backed up into the altamonte pass. here is a live look
5:33 am
from our camera on the scene kron fours michael pelton. michael the last i heard they were in the process of dealing with some diesel bus build as well. i do not know if that is what you heard our clean up our right to going? >> forgive the shot. it is a downpour so there is a lot of water on the lance. we see a lot of flashing lights. chp is out here and calderocaltran is out here an attempted to clean up some of the oil that has build on the roadway. the center is also being repaired in between the bart line and the freeway. once they do that they will be able to open up the traffic. the semi trucks slid on a po uddle he then hit the rail that separate bar and the
5:34 am
freeway. the end of a short distance down the freeway. i am told by chp they found the engine in one line. they found parts of the semi truck all over the freeway. they have a long a clean up this morning. i can see one of the crew is attempting to wipe up the gasoline. they hope to have this open within the next half hour. they have targeted 6:00 they hope to get traffic moving through here. again because of the rain you may not be able to see clearly you can see traffic moving on the right side of your screen. traffic is moving to a single lane on the off down rep. it is backed up for a list a mile as far as i can see. >> that is for as michael can see from his vantage point the back up actually reaches for several miles all the way into the altamonte pass. a bigger back up the expected. a drive time that is running
5:35 am
at 54 minutes from 205 to the dublin interchange. i want to alert you to another problem here is a look at the upper deck of the bay bridge. what is missing the lights. they are out of the bay bridge westbound. we understand from caltran that they may be operating at least on the lower deck inside the tunnel. take a look at the toll plaza, you will see all the lights that would normally be on here and here etcetera are also out. it could create hazardous driving conditions. a lot of flooding reporting on the roadways. here in ralston northbound high standing water was the cause of an accident that is still blocking the left lane on the northbound side. on the nimitz freeway the sensors cannot show if there is the back of on the northbound side. >> thank you george this has been kron 4 we are following our colleges the lights are out on the bay bridge. that may cause a slowdown. as far as the
5:36 am
customers in neighborhoods around the bay area 10,000 people are without power in the north bay. 4000 in the peninsula and south bay. and 1000 in sonoma. 350 people in san francisco. 300 in central coast. too much in the east bay and 70 in san jose. the numbers may increase unfortunately as the storm continues. >> thank you mark let us get back outside the rain is hitting the south bay and peninsula this morning. let us talk to kron 4 solo reporter yoli if she is standing by highway 101 by burlingame is that correct. >> that is correct coming out of the streets of burlingame there is hattic that the storm has caused such as falling trees, falling down fences and garbage cans. i will show a bit of video the next time around. i have been on the
5:37 am
road and it is really dangerous. you want to have both hands on the will there is so much rain coming so quickly it continues and is causing a lot o flooding in standing water. >> the wind was a something else yoli as well. >> it is not just puddling on the size.asidside. in the mie lanes there are standing water is well there are dips in the road that would cause hydroplaning. >> thank >yoli we will keep you updated on the latest conditions. thank you james we will watch what is coming on on satellite feed we have live pictures and southern new jersey this is a freight train that has derailed from the tracks and it has a haz
5:38 am
mat build. cars are wrecked. for cars are reportedly bumping into a creek. they are dumping a chemical called vinyl chloride. vinyl chloride is being dumped into the creek a haz mat situation. this is a mangled mess of train cars and southern new jersey. we will wait to see if any evacuations will be put into place. there are 18 people reporting shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. this comes as a train derailment with four cars off the track and vinyl chloride leaking. >> thank you mark. we will take a quick break at 5:37 a.m.. we're looking at your bay bridge ride. the suspension section you do not see any lights. it looks like the power is out. george has been following
5:39 am
that. it looks like we're starting to see reports of possible power outages in the san mateo bridge and the richmond san rafeal as well. we will try and track that down and maybe to get that confirmed in a couple of minutes. stay attuned to kron 4 we will have more coverage in a minute. of course you will becaus it i
5:40 am
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>> this season ties the third most active hurricane season. 10 of which became hurricanes in just one became a major hurricane. on a positive note this is the seventh straight year that the u.s. avoided a major hurricane making landfall. some of you may say what about hurricane sandy? >> sandy was considered a cold core storm when it actually slammed. >> storm tracker 4 is showing very heavy rain above the san jose area.
5:43 am
there are a lot of power outages including on the bridges. we will have more and we continue.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> we are back. pg&e are reporting a major power outages across the bay area. $10 of them are coming from the bay area alone. 350 are in san francisco and about 200 and the east bay peripatetic will update you as more information is available. >> there's a power outage on the stand and you can see the stream of headlights. this is the section into san francisco and this is the upper deck. and you do not see the suspension cables. they are typically 01 but they're having a power problem. the iran also is
5:47 am
causing problems for the commute and we have a look at the golden gate bridge. and this is a wet deck and georges keeping us updated with this. >> storm tracker 4 shows ran across the bay area cup is keeping an eye on we may catch a break. >> right around 10:00 a.m. the man front will be here. where was the lingering showers as we head into the afternoon. the man front is pushing through right now and the east bay is stretching down to the peninsula. we are same heavy rain for some of the cities. this is a slow-moving system and it will just sit there. mud slides are definitely a concern. we do have a flood watch for petaluma but it is
5:48 am
not raining right there yet. all of this water has to head somewhere. just try with extra caution. >> the walnut creek area is experiencing heavy rain right now. it is also ran a pretty heavy in antioch. this is now impacting new work and fremont. there are a lot of surface streets dealing with heavy rain and it is not too bad and the north bay. light ran as over san rafael and the bridge. in san francisco there inspiriting light rain in downtown. we do have a lot of moisture sitting off shore. this will still continue to roll through.
5:49 am
there is more yellow and green and heavy rain for santa clara and mountain view. you concede that we are san heavy rain and northbound 101 approaching the 87 intersections. it is a wet one and this is a very strong and severe storm. >> i will not be surprised if we see more downed trees and wires. we do have wins coming in from the south of there at 20 mi. per hour right now. it is really not as bad as what it was over night but the wind is still howling and because it's coming from the south it makes the conditions really hazardous. you are right in the cross section and you could be pulled over to the next lane. hydro planning is also a concern when you are driving on bridges. it will
5:50 am
be almost 2 in. of rain and they are flirting with this in the napa area. more rain is reported for the north bay and maybe a little bit more. >> as we check out 7:00 a.m. on saturday over an inch of rain for san francisco. you have delays right now at the airport and is about three and a half hours. you should call ahead with your carrier to see if you have to catch your flight. there are several watches and warnings around the bay area. the colors on your screen tells you the differences with the advisory's. we do have wind advisories for the sacramento valley. just be mindful of this and that the wind is gusting in the high
5:51 am
elevations. >> rice sticks around into somalia and it will be heavier into sunday morning as storm #three approaches. you will be dry on monday so that all of your activities finish. this is the look this storm tracker 4 and your kron 4 forecast. >> we're still waiting on word that the dublin interchange has reopened. they still have clean-up operations here due to lights are out at the bay bridge this morning and and this is and in the last to ministers so that the lights went out on the upper deck. caltran did tell me that some of the lights in the tunnel or 01 and i know release this is true for the lower deck. we are not sure if they're working on the higher debt. here is a look
5:52 am
at the toll plaza west mount. these lights are still working and there still is not much of a back up. >> the lights appear to be on but they do seem to be a little dim at least from this angle. some of these lights are flickering. we did get reports that the richmond san mateo bridge may also be affected. there are lots of flooded a norstain north bay. >> here is out there and he may be out of here san francisco giants may become a free agent. he is recovering from surgery and they cannot cut his salary more than 20%. this is something that they normally are not likely to do. that
5:53 am
could offer him a new contract with incentives and we will receive a brian wilson will be a part of the giants as they go for. he has only pitched twice before he had asserted. >> is there any hope for an nhl hockey season this year? a pair of federal mediators made no progress in helping the players and owners get closer to a deal. is now 75 days into the owners' lockout of players, there is no inside. the lockout has already forced the cancellation of games through december the 14th, the new year's that winter classic, and the all-star weekend in january. middle and high schools in the west contra costa county unified school district are now task with reducing the district suspensions by 25%. the district's board of
5:54 am
education voted wednesday night to approve resolution calling reduction in suspensions at the district secondary schools by the end of the academic year. the resolution was created with the goal of generating more state funding for the district schools, which receives state dollars based on average daily attendance rates. >> we will be back more with your full complete forecast. ♪
5:55 am
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>> this just into kron 4. it is about three and a half hours for delays at sfo. as we continue these delays may go for. there is heavy rain that is going to be in the area. there will be scattered showers and we will get a another bout of showers and again on sunday morning. things would try
5:58 am
to dry out but there will be more showers on tuesday and wednesday. we are expecting another one of on sunday. coming up on 6:00 which tracks the rain as it goes to the bay area. we will show you where it is rain that. s. major power outages including at the bay bridge the latest numbers next. + we will be monitoring your morning commute and we would check in with george rask as the kron 4 morning news continues.
5:59 am

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